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The highs and lows for today's love forecast are...

So, I wonder if 3 months is the marker.

3. A magical number. If you can last 3 days without smoking, drinking, some annoying habit, you can survive for a long time. But what about relationships?

Omar and I experienced this tonight. Lowest of all lows. I think he even cried, though he would never admit it. He has never cried in front of anyone. We talked it all out. Almost ended the relationship.

Then the realization was made...

We had fallen into a rut. No romantics for a long time, for instance. Not only that, but worse: we became an old couple. We, as he put it, 'are far too mature, I think" (he is right)

So we resolved to walk about the night. Have a brief, random yell fest of naughty words (I chose vagina, he chose cocksuck)

Then returned to the dorm to be behind closed doors and play games of who had the more embarrassing childhood moment, recount stories, and play question games.

Then the best part: He told me he loved me. He rarely says it aloud, as it is an assumed thing.

We really do have to stop acting too mature.
It's sickening really.

So, less time hanging out, more time having romantics here and there, and stop being so damn serious!

I think that is all for the day.
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