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favorite lines

not to brag....but this is what the pink diary is all about!
those boys from the red planet can come up with some awful hooks, but here are some of the best lines i've gotten, that i can think of at the moment, in my 14 months of experience:

"quite stunning actually"

"you just look...dreamy. not like the 50's sense of the word, but as in you look as if you've come to me in a dream. that i could wake up at any moment."

"wouldst thou leave me so unsatisfied?"
(that's right, i got a shakespear quote! romeo and juliet no less)

"i like your voice. it's...calm."

"a fine physical specimen."

"you're what i see when i close my eyes to go to sleep each night."

"we took a vote after you left and unanimously decided that you have a very nice ass."

"you seem so content with yourself. like you're the queen of everything you see."
(actually i was just delerioulsy happy to be in his arms)


not sure they'll translate well into text, but for me, for the context and the moment in which they were delivered, they make me feel like a beloved, sexy goddess. which i am. at least in this community. <3
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